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Property Management Services

With Vaishnavi, you can be rest assured that all your property maintenance issues will be handled and managed with efficiency. Our aim is to provide you with the best spaces to live in comfortably and without any hassles. We have our own Property Management Services, which take care of the maintenance and handling of the property. Contacting our property management office, will ensure a thoroughly attended work to the utmost satisfaction


Responsible Engineering

We build today for a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle into the future. Vaishnavi believes in responsible engineering, where the focus is on sustainable designs for efficient power and water consumptions.

We implement :

Solar Lighting: 


All the corridors and other common areas are lighted by solar power.


Rain Water Harvesting: 


We manage the collection of rain water and reuse it for gardening and other such replenishing techniques. Water from the Air Conditioning vents are also collected and directed back into the ground to replenish the water beds.

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